Stray Cat Introduces Her Babies To The Lady Who’s Feeding Her

Shea Prior is an animal lover that’s always happy to help any creature in need. A few months back, the woman spotted a stray cat and naturally left her a bowl of milk and some food. Shea was surprised to discover that the feline was a mother, and even more surprised to see how the cat introduces her babies to her.

From the very first moment, Shea attempted to woo the kitten and gain her trust, and sure enough, it wasn’t long before the skilled cat whisperer was able to come near her. It was then that Shea noticed that the cat was producing milk, which could only mean one thing – she had babies. The kind woman picked the cat up to get a better look and asked the cat to introduce her to her babies “I started telling her to show me to her babies, and that I bet her babies were so pretty,” she later posted on Facebook.

The following day, Shea went outside to water her plants and saw the kitten. The kitten instantly ran towards her and began to make adorable croaking sounds while rubbing against her leg, slowly luring her towards the garden shed. Much to Shea’s surprise, the mama cat started calling her babies out to see the kind woman who’s been feeding her. The mere fact that the cat introduces her babies to the woman shows how much she trusts her.

Most kittens were hesitant at first and didn’t come near her, but their mother showed them that Shea could be trusted. The gray kitten was the first to approach the woman, but over the course of the next 15 minutes, all the kitties came to cuddle with Shea.

Being a devoted animal lover, Shea took the babies in, for a warm bath and a meal. It didn’t take her long to find all the furbabies a loving home, including the mother, who Shea adopted herself.

We’re glad to hear that the mamma cat trusted Shea enough to introduce her to all of her kitties so that they could all find their loving homes.

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