Cat Hired As Hospital Security Guard And Gets His Own ID Tag

Adding a pet to any staff can make a huge difference in the way people feel about their workplace. People at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia, obviously know that, because they recently hired a new security guard to their team – an adorable red and white tabby cat named Elwood.

The Cat Was Hired And Is Now Part Of The Hospital Security Team

Chantel Trollip, a pathologist at the hospital, first noticed the tabby cat a year ago, as she began to receive more shifts. The kitty’s visits to the hospital gradually became frequent, and he slowly became more and more familiar with other staff members. One day in July 2020, Trollip spotted the sneaky cat walking around the hospital yard with an ID tag that was identical to hers. “I was actually having a case of the ‘sads’ that day. But seeing his ID badge turned my whole mood around!” The woman later told My Modern Met.

Despite trying to investigate the matter, Trollip failed to unveil the identity of the person who’s in charge of making the kitty’s ID tag. The badge looks very professional, and states Elwood’s job title, has his portrait picture, and even a unique call code on the back.

“I think any potential criminals are thwarted by his sweetness when passersby see him. He has a very sweet chirp of a meow and I think anyone with any ill will would automatically change their plans upon hearing it, and so I assume this is his way of getting the job done.” Trollip continued.

While everyone in the hospital presumed that the kitty was a stray, they eventually came to learn that he lives with his owners across the street from them. The diligent kitty wakes up every morning and crosses the street, wearing his badge with pride. There’s no doubt that he takes his job very seriously. “He is lovely and friendly but not overly affectionate, he enjoys a good pat but likes to keep things short and move around a fair bit. He is on the security team after all, has to make sure everyone coming and going gets checked.” She said. “He’s all we talk about! Even the regular patients know him by name now. It’s so nice to see him and pet him on our way in or out from work.”

The Cat Was Hired As A Member Of The Hospital Security Team

Keep up the great work Elwood!

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