Cat Has Become A Local Celebrity As He Shows Up Every day At School

Curious cat in California seemingly had always wanted to get an education and decided to sneak into the same school. 

Meet Bubba, a local celebrity and a brilliant feline who never lets anything stop him from being the top student of the class.

The orang furball has become famous as everyone around knows his story and name. With perfect attendance and lot’s of school hours, the cat has won hearts of many and is still going viral on social media.

We are here to show you how Bubba’s daily routine looks like.

Surprisingly, Bubba isn’t a community cat. He has a loving family that noticed one day that he tends to go out exploring for hours. The question remained was, “where does he go?”

When the four-legged student started to show up at school, the staff and other students didn’t know how to react.

Bubba goes around the hallways trying to not showing up late in classes, but the truth is that during the classes he’s napping the whole time.

When it’s time to go the furry student meows by the door till someone notices and opens it up for him.

The friendly cat is so loved that other students bring cat treats to the class just to pamper the adorable feline. Dedication pays off!

When the bell rings and the other students go home, he likes paying a visit to the soccer field before heading back home.

The ginger tabby is so loved and famous that the students set up a petition to build a statue. But all they got was an official student I.D. card, which is also cool.

Do you have an animal student as well? We would be happy to hear all about it!

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