Cat Grasps His Toy In The Shelter After His Owner Passed Away Then Something Surprising Happens

At times, having someone in our lives to hold on to when times are rough can save us from losing it. When a 16-year-old cat named Hoonie lost his human companion, he was taken to the Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, Maryland, and all he had to lean on was his ragged stuffed cat.

Alley Cat Rescue Inc.

He protected his stuffed buddy and kept it close, he wouldn’t go anywhere without it for he had to keep him in sight.
The shelter later discovered that the toy cat was given to the senior feline back then when he still lived with his owner, and now it was all Hoonie had left.
Sadly, Hoonie didn’t have anywhere to go to when his beloved owner passed away. The owner’s daughter was allergic to cats, and so she contacted the Alley Cat Rescue in hopes to find him a forever home. 
They tried to get to know him better because they wanted to create an adoption post, and then they realized he wouldn’t let go of his stuffed friend. 

Alley Cat Rescue Inc.

Hoonie was loved at the shelter, the staff members gave him special treatment and let him roam around the office freely, as a staff member. The friendly cat loved being around people, he meowed from a distance, and when someone entered the room, he calmed down.
One of his favorite things to do was lying by the window and watch cars pass by with his furry toy beside him (of course).

Luckily, they have received several adoption applications and then, out of nowhere, Hoonie’s first owner reached the rescue and said that Hoonie was his and his ex’s cat 14 years ago! When they broke up, the ex took Hoonie with her, and he hadn’t seen him ever since. The former owner asked to have him back and after a few days, Hoonie was on the way with his stuffed friend to his new home. These days the three live happily together. 

We are so happy that Hoonie found someone familiar who loves him. There are lots of senior cats who lost their owners, and now they are looking for caring homes to spend the rest of their lives. 

Please contact your local shelter to adopt a senior cat.

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