Cat Gets Hired As A Lawyer After Employees Tried To Kick Him Out Of The Building

Countless of strays find themselves roam on the streets of Brazil trying to fend for themselves, but one lucky cat had his life turned around after he got a job offer.

Seemingly, Leon, the cat had always wanted to be an advocate since he decided to make the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (similar to Bar Association) his home. Many didn’t like his presence in the facility. People started to complain that he had nerves to hang out in the reception area, and the OAB did something remarkable in return.

The OAB announced that they were hiring Leon as a lawyer so other employees couldn’t complain about his presence.

The news couldn’t help but going viral when Dr. Jeanette Laredo posted the unlikely news about their new furry employee who is now called Dr. Leon, the lawyer cat.

The four-legged lawyer likes greeting people at the reception and he even has an Instagram account with more than 42K followers waiting for the next thing he will post- he’s now a real celebrity.

The OAB hired the feline so people would stop complaining, and his employee card was attached to his collar and has been beneficial.

On one rainy day, a sweet feline named Leon came to the OAB to seek shelter from the storm. He was fed daily and stayed ever since. People complained that he was so small that they might step on him as he greets the employees.

Plus, people claimed that it was a government official institution and there was no room for animals inside the building, so the President of the OAB decided the cat deserved a badge.

Leon looks pretty serious with his new employee card. 

The attorney feline has inspired the institute to fund the local NGOs to help more strays.

Now that he’s officially an employee, everyone loves him, and he’s the center of attention. He likes napping on President Auriney’s sofa and playing there with his toys. 

The feline was neutered and has an issue with his vocal cords, but overall he’s healthy as a horse.

We are happy for Leon that he got his dream job and is finally accepted and loved by everybody.

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