Cat Falls From The Sky On An Elderly Man’s Head And Knocks Him Unconscious

Out of all the bizarre stories we cover here on Go Animals, this one has to be one of the weirdest. Security footage from Harbin, in China’s north-eastern province of Heilongjiang, shows how a cat seemingly falls out of the sky and onto a senior man’s head, knocking him unconscious on the spot.

The man was casually walking his Golden Retriever at the time of the event. It’s still unclear where the kitty fell or jumped from, but, at least in the surveillance footage, he appears to have fallen down from the sky.

The loyal Golden comes running to check on his unconscious owner as soon as he sees him lying on the ground. The pooch then noticed the kitty and cornered him while pedestrians began to gather around the man.

The man spent the next 23 days in the hospital and was only released recently. He’s reportedly still a long way from full recovery. Judging by the pillows on his bed, the senior man doesn’t hold any grudge toward cats as a species.

Harbin TV

According to reports by Harbin TV, the cat belonged to the man’s neighbor, and the two are still negotiating the compensations for the incident. It’s unknown whether or not the Chinese authorities are part of these negotiations.

Harbin TV

Watch the footage showing how the cat falls on the man’s head and knocks him to the ground:

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