Cat Escorted Off Train After Being Caught On Board Without A Ticket

Being caught on public transport without a ticket is a serious and quite an embarrassing business, just ask the cat in the next video.

Being caught on public transport without a ticket is a serious and quite an ashaming business, just ask the cat in the next video.
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Despite digging around the internet for some time, we couldn’t find much info about the feline in the video. We do know that the video became viral after first appearing on Chinese social media. The stray cat found his way onto the high-speed train on the China-Mongolia border, before being caught red-handed by one of the conductors. 

The conductor escorted the cat off the train after the latter was caught on it without a ticket. The woman who first uploaded the video jokingly captioned it:  ‘forced to leave the train after refusing to buy a ticket’.

The kitty is seen walking off the train on his hind legs while being carried by the conductor. We just hope that the people at the station treated him respectfully and took care of him.

Watch the adorable moment here:

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