Cat Does Weird Thing When His Owner Goes To Sleep

A Thai cat owner, Lomphonten Lomphontan, set up a camera in his place for he was curious to know what the cat does while he’s away. Later on, the loving cat owner found out that the cat had been doing something creepy while he’s asleep. Some will say it’s love while others will claim that he’s up to something dark. 

Lomphonten was wondering what Achi, his cat, does at night, so he went over the camera’s video and saw a shocking thing. The mysterious cat approached his human companion, jumped onto the bed and from all places, he decided to lay under his nose!

After watching earlier footages, he realized that it wasn’t the first time his four-legged friend did that. The question remains is what in god’s was he doing on his owner’s face?

The unlikely habit that the tabby created for himself makes us question his intentions. Has he been planning to take over the bed? Or even worse, the house? Did he try to block his owner’s airways? Only one creature knows, Achi the cat.

Achi’s owner believes that his cat has been doing the weird thing every night out of love purposes only. He doesn’t suspect the cat at all. He is even happy that the cat wants to be so close to him when he goes to sleep.

What do you think?

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