Cat Couple Asks People To Be Let Inside Their Home To Deliver Their Babies

It’s extremely rare for polyamorous species to stick with their partner like monogamous species. Extremely rare, but not impossible. Just check out this cat couple – the male stuck around to help his partner deliver their babies, and tended them gently once they were born.

It all started when Gianna Llewellyn and her boyfriend Rob moved into their New York apartment last summer. The two did not expect that the first neighbors they’re going to meet aren’t going to be human. As the two were debating the decore of their new living room, they noticed two pairs of eyes checking them out from the window.

It was a couple of orange and black stray cats. The two looked hungry, so Rob left them some leftover salmon he had lying around. Thus began a beautiful friendship between the human and feline couples.

The two stray cats visited their new human neighbors every day since, meowing at their door, asking for food. Fast forward a couple of months, and the two felines weren’t just after food. Over time, the two strays began to trust their human neighbors more and were equally interested in their company.

The human couple also became comfortable with the strays and gradually began to allow them inside their house. They named the black female Suki and the orange male Miso.

One day, the two noticed that one of the kittens isn’t as skinny as she used to be. Winter was just around the corner, and the temperatures began to drop fast. Gianna and Rob became worried about the Suki. Knowing she’d never allowed them to separate her from Miso, the two decided to bring both to the vet.

The two cats who were kept in two different cardboard boxes meowed for each the whole way to the vet. Miso eventually ripped a hole through his box to be with his girlfriend. Just a quick check was enough for the vet to confirm that Suki was indeed pregnant.

One night, Rob and Gianna returned home and found Miso standing over Suki who was meowing her heart out, with four newborn kittens next to her. They thought they missed the moment Suki gave birth, but soon three more kittens came out. Every time Suki meowed in pain, attentive Miso would run over to let her know he’s there for her.

Over the next few days, Miso took the role of being the father of the kittens upon himself. He cleaned them, played with them, and let them climb him. Out of the litter of seven cats, who were initially all black, three turned grey, three were torties, and just one remained all black. The tabbies had some of Mosi’s orange in them, which just reinforced their belief that he was the kitten’s father.

All kittens were since rehomed in loving forever homes, and if you haven’t guessed it yet – both Miso and Suki are now permanent residents at Rob and Gianna’s home!

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H/T – The Dodo

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