Grateful Cat Abandoned On The Streets By First Owners And Won’t Stop Kissing His New Mom

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and affects the economy worldwide, we’re also sadly witnessing a peak in pet abandonment. Every day more helpless pets are being left to fend for themselves without much chance of ever finding another home again. Like many others, this next cat was recently abandoned by his owners on the streets, but luckily soon found a new mom who he can’t stop kissing on the face.

It was a hot sunny day at San Bernardino, California, when a woman found a helpless kitty hiding under her son’s car. The poor feline was desperately trying to find shelter from the scorching heat. The cool concrete beneath the car was the coldest spot he could find. The cat looked unhealthy, so the woman decided to call Cats of San Bernardino (CSB), a local nonprofit rescue group that helps stray cats.

Jaina, a volunteer at CSB, rushed to the scene and slowly approached the cat. She was surprised that the kitten wasn’t feral at all. He was perfectly accustomed to human presence. Jaina managed to lure the feline into a cage and took him to be examined by a vet. Apart from the apparent fact that he was badly malnourished and had a bald spot on his forehead, the vet discovered another surprising fact. The feline has been neutered before, indicating that he had previously belonged to someone.

The vet treated the swollen bald patch on the forehead and gave the kitten antibiotics. The cat, who was used to being around people remained calm and relaxed throughout the whole examination. The kind-hearted woman brought the kitty home with her and named him Valentino. It wasn’t long before sweet Valentino revealed his true colors.

Valentino remained distant over the first few days. He was still dehydrated and needed to be closely watched. A few days later, the feline started to slowly regain some weight. Even the bald patches on his body began to gradually disappear. Two weeks after arriving at Jaina’s home, Valentino was a whole new cat.

He was no longer the quiet and distant cat he was before. Valentino transformed into a playful and clingy cat who could spend hours sitting on Jaina’s chest and kissing her on the nose. There’s no doubt that the once-abandoned cat is very grateful for all the love and care he received, and kissing his mom on her nose is just his way of showing it.

Watch Valentino’s unbelievable transformation in the video below:

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