Canine Survives Eleven Hours in the Water and Saves Her Owner’s Life

Every person who watched Titanic has the same fear in the back of their heads while being in a boat. However, when you’re offshore, anything can happen, and that’s precisely what Heidi, the German Shepherd, and her owner had realized when their ship was starting to sink in the middle of nowhere.

The two were having a pleasant time in the Moreton Bay waters, Australia, when all of a sudden, something started to malfunction.

Their vessel was starting to accumulate water and eventually descended.

Heidi and her owner were at a loss. Heidi knew that her old human father wouldn’t be able to swim and find help, so she decided to step up and drift in the water until someone could spot her. 

The incredible canine drifted in the water for about 11 hours! Fortunately, a local fisherman saw her from afar and alerted the water police. He asked for help and informed that items surround the doggy, so there could be people at risk.

A little while later, help arrived the exhausted pooch was pulled out of the water by The Brisbane Water Police, The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service took her in and helped her get back on her feet.

The veterinarian who checked Heidi couldn’t believe that she survived in the water for such a long time. This cutie is very strong-willed.

After a full check-up, the vet notified that the canine would get back to herself in no time.

In the meantime, The Brisbane Water Police were on the lookout for the doggy’s owner. Many organizations, such as the Marine Coast Guard and Volunteer Marine Rescue, helped look for the lost owner. They hoped they weren’t too late…

After going through many items that sank along with the boat, and three hours, the rescue team was able to locate the weary owner. The 63-year-old man was barely hanging on when he was found; he was hanging on in the water for about fifteen hours.

The owner was rescued and led to a hospital, where he found out that luckily, he hadn’t suffered from anything serious and was completely healthy and couldn’t wait to seeing Heidi and heading home.

Heidi was brought by the police, which stressed the importance of making sure that everything is safe before heading offshore; always have a personal flotation device onboard, ready for anything, and the right equipment to avoid any harm or ease any situation.

It’s always better to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

What a fantastic story about an incredible four-legged hero!

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