Canine And Rhino Won’t Stop Kissing Each Other

Nature loves to surprise us and shows us over and over again that just when we thought we’ve seen everything, there’s always something else coming for us.

This unique friendship is definitely one of those incredible things. David, the Anatolian shepherd, and Esmé, the rhino, have interestingly become the best of friends. It’s incredible watching them running around together; they look extremely adorable.

Their friendship was recorded on video, and it’s just the most beautiful sight we’ve ever laid our eyes on! Who knew that rhino could be so light and swift, not to mention having a pooch for a running body?!

Despite their differences, the dynamic duo loves to do basically everything together: they shower and sleep together, but mostly like to run around, have fun.

Both of these sweeties live together happily at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, which focuses on caring for rare, or defenseless animals. They have been doing great work and sufficing many animals with excellent preservation to live in.

Esmé was the first rhino to ever enter the preservation. The center wanted her to bond with the Anatolian shepherd, so they introduced them to each other.

Only a few days later, the staff could already see what an extraordinary and indestructible bond was forming between them. It was evident that they were on the BFF fast track, and that they weren’t planning on getting off anytime soon.  

The BFF’s loving friendship was recorded on an endearing video, which instantly when viral on social media. It’s quite clear that this adorable duo is planning to stay together for eternity. We hope that they’ll always be the best of friends, and keep having fun.

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