Cancer Patient’s Health Improved Suggnificantly After A Visit From His Dog

Any dog owner will tell you that simply being around their pooch lifts their mood and puts them in a happier state of mind. The scientific community hasn’t ignored these claims either. Many studies were conducted on this subject, almost all concluding that dogs really do have a positive impact on one’s wellbeing. If you’re still looking for any further proof, just look at Flavio Santos’s case. This Brazillian Cancer patient’s health significantly improved after only one visit from his beloved dog.

Santos was diagnosed with cancer and spent weeks at the Hospital Memorial São José. The long stay at the hospital and the harsh chemotherapy left a mark on the man’s soul. He began to lose touch with reality. The nurses and staff saw the man slowly drifting away and knew exactly how to help him.

The merciful workers of Hospital Memorial São José organized a surprise visit from Agadir, Santos’ beloved dog. The look on Santos’ face when he saw his dog after a long time apart, was priceless. The dog rushed passed everybody else in the room and jumped on the man, showering him with kisses. Santos was so happy to finally be reunited with his dog that he cried, and with him, everybody else that was in the room that day. But Agadir’s visit soon proved to be more than ‘just’ an emotional moment.

In the days following Agadir’s visit, the doctors and nurses began to notice that Santos is much more aware of his surroundings. The man’s attitude lifted and he became much more communicative. But it wasn’t just his mood that changed. The next time the doctors tested Santos, they were surprised to see how his cancer improved after just a single visit from his dog.

Seeing how quickly Santos’ condition improved, the doctors said that he should be released from the hospital much sooner than expected. This was the first time a dog was allowed inside the Hospital Memorial São José, but judging by the positive results, it will definitely not be the last.

We wish Flavio Santos to get well very soon with the help of his loyal friend and the devoted medical workers!

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