Can You Spot These 10 Dogs That Think That They’re Chameleons?

As if finding a mischievous pooch isn’t hard enough, these prankish dogs think that they’re chameleons and blend perfectly with their surroundings, making spotting them almost impossible.

These camouflaged doggos come in almost any color, shape, or form and make you wonder who was there first? Them, or the living rooms they’re trying so hard to blend into. We just hope that no one accidentally tripped over them… Anyway, that’s enough talking, here are the sneaky doggos in action:

Took me a second…

He matches the rug perfectly

Wonder who came first, him or the car seats?

Careful not to stain the rug…Or dog

This bed was made just for him

Found the perfect place for a nap

Hope no one tripped over this little fella

Think that’s dirt on the headboard? Think again…

If it wasn’t for those sweet black eyes and nose there’s no way you could have spotted this furball

I didn’t notice the cat beneath the table at first, but he’s not the only one hiding in this picture…

Did you spot all of them? Share this compilation of dogs that think that they’re chameleons and challenge your friends and family to find them too!

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