Nanny Cam Captures The Moment A Toddler Sneaks Out Of Bed To Cuddle With His Boxer

For most of us, getting out of bed in the middle of the night is something we’ll only do as a last resort. We all suffer from the occasional sleepless night, and will probably do anything to avoid them. This toddler, who’s been spotted as he sneaks out of bed to cuddle with his Boxer, doesn’t seem to mind having a sleepless night. He prefers to be with his furry best friend on the floor rather than sleeping in bed alone.

The 2-year-old toddler, named Finn, was diagnosed with a cyanotic heart defect when his mother was on her 20th week of pregnancy. Luckily, the doctors were able to find the life-threatening condition early enough to prevent further complications and saved little Finn’s life. After birth, 11-day-old Finn had successfully undergone an arterial switch surgery and was finally discharged from the hospital.

Given his delicate state, Finn needed to be closely monitored -Something that the family’s Boxer, Brutus, must have noticed very early on. The pooch kept a close eye on his little baby brother.

Over time, the two became practically inseparable and spent every waking (and sleeping) hour together. In the beginning, Brutus used to sleep on the floor in front of Finn’s crib. When Finn grew and moved to sleep in a bed, the Boxer used to climb and cuddle next to him. The boy’s mother presumes that the doggo did it to keep her baby from rolling and falling off in his sleep.

After finding her baby boy sleeping on the floor a few times, the woman decided to place a nanny cam to have a better idea of what exactly goes on in the boy’s room at night. The morning after setting the camera, the mother came to learn the hilarious truth.

The nanny cam footage shows how the toddler sneaks out of bed around 3 a.m to cuddle with his beloved Boxer. The boy restlessly tries to find a comfy position while the apathetic doggo continues to sleep and lets him do as he pleases. Finn is very lucky for growing up with such a compassionate and caring companion. Were certain that the two have many more years of friendship and love ahead of them!

Watch the hilarious footage from the nanny cam here:

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