Ring Camera Catches Dog Dragging His Bed To Make His Sick Brother Comfy

From the very first second they laid eyes on each other, it was clear to Jackie Rogers that Spanky and Roman, her two dogs, are going to be the best of friends. Now, a couple of years later, the two are so close that they can almost feel each other’s pain. When Roman got ill recently, Rogers’ security camera caught Spanky dragging his bed closer to his dog sibling to make him feel a bit comfier.

Roman is the older of the two, so Spanky looks up to him and imitates everything he does. A couple of weeks ago, Roman’s ear started to swell and appeared to be infected. Jackie immediately took Roman to the vet, who found that the pooch had a hematoma in his ear. Unfortunately, the soonest available date for surgery was in three weeks, meaning that poor Roman was going to have to bear through the pain and discomfort until then.

Almost instantly, Spanky noticed that something was wrong with his older brother. It was obvious to anyone that he was concerned for Roman’s wellbeing. Spanky walked around Roman all day and spent hours leaning against him gently. As the days passed, Rogers grew worried that Roman wasn’t going to make it until the surgery. She brought him in to be reevaluated by the vet. Seeing how Spanky clings to his older brother, the woman decided to bring him along for the ride. The vet assistant told the woman that she cannot enter the building following their new Coronavirus restrictions. Rogers waited with Spanky in the car for 20 minutes that he passed crying desperately for his older brother to return. He was worried sick about him.

The Rogers installed a ring camera in their living room so they could check in on their recovering doggo while at work. When Jackie checked the camera the first time, Spanky was sitting in the corner and watching his older brother. He seemed concerned and agitated. The next time the woman checked the camera, a couple of minutes later, Spanky did the most heartwarming thing.

The compassionate dog was seen dragging his bed across the living room to make his recovering brother just a bit comfier. Roman instantly understood what Spanky is trying to do. He leaped on the bed to snuggle next to his sympathetic brother. This happened around 10 a.m, and when Rogers returned from work that evening, the two were still in the same spot. The two spent the whole day cuddled together. Aww…

There’s no doubt that these two have a unique and deep bond. Roman is very lucky to have a younger brother that cares for him this much.

Watch the adorable moment in the video below:

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