Calf Born On Valentine’s Day With Heart Shaped Patch Becomes An Internet Sensation

The adorable calf was born on James McAuley’s farm in Northern Ireland, this past Valentine’s day with a perfect heart-shaped mark on its forehead. We’re proud to inform you that, as of February 16th, the calf is the most promising contestants for winning the 2020’s cutest animal awards.

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At first, James the farmer didn’t pay much significance to the mark, because he has seen cows with similar markings before. Thankfully, his mother was around to point out that it was Valentine’s day, and it was only then that he had realized what a mysterious coincidence he had just witnessed.

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Soon after becoming a local sensation on the farm, the calf, who rightfully earned the name “Be My Valentine” broke the digital barrier, and became an internet sensation, with the story being reported on all major news sites worldwide.


Be My Valentine is a Jersey cow, a breed known for it’s calm and peaceful nature, which makes her the perfect play-mate for the farmer’s children – Harry, Emily, and Jack.

Mercury Press

Be My Valentine is one-of-a-kind. We hope she receives all of the respect and appreciation she deserves from James and his kids

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