Butterfly And Pup Share An Unlikely Encounter

Animal encounters can surprise us sometimes. This French Bulldog pup named Mochi, was hanging out at his place when suddenly, a surprising guest decided to pay a visit.

The little pooch was quite surprised by the visitor. She didn’t know how to react when she realized that it was a beautiful monarch butterfly who also wanted to spend some time in their backyard.


Monch was overwhelmed, she rushed over the colorful guest to welcome it to her humble Californian abode. It is incredible to see how animals feel nature dynamics. The playful puppy knew that the special guest was a delicate one, and so she treated him with gentle.


It seems like the butterfly appreciated her understanding, and so it didn’t fly away when she came nearer.


They were both happy by the special bond they shared. The dog and the butterfly enjoyed each other’s company for 15 minutes until the butterfly had to fly away.


Monchi’s owner, Rylee Boland, was fascinated by the rare encounter and moreover by the duo’s unique interaction.


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