Bus Driver Takes Two Lost Dogs Back Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas.

It was a frigid night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when two lost dogs wandered around, freezing, hoping to find the way back home.

When compassionate bus driver Jamie Grabowski finished her route around midnight and was driving back to the bus station, she noticed something unlikely on the side of the road. 

She was heartbroken to see two lost pups shivering and frightened, sticking to each other’s side and calling for help. Grabowski couldn’t end her shift, knowing she had done nothing to help the two poor souls.

Milwaukee County Transit System

The right course of action seemed incredibly clear to her, and so the incredible woman went out of her way to get the two back home.

As the dogs noticed that the bus slew down, they ran towards it excitingly and were glad to be invited into the warm and cozy vehicle.
Jamie worried that they would get hit and so she opened the door for them to ensure they are safe and sound till the police arrive.

The police transferred the two adventurous boys, to animal control where MADACC checked their microchip. The staff was surprised to learn that the “homeless pups” have two worried families 2 miles away that were looking for them the whole night.

It turns out that their families were up all night trying to find their four-legged family members, and Jamie’s selfless act of kindness appeared as a Christmas miracle for them.

Watch Jamie saves the lost dogs just before Christmas:

The transit officials wrote, “It turns out that the dogs had somehow gotten out of their family’s yard two-and-a-half miles away from where Jamie found them.” 

“Jamie, an avid animal lover who jokes that she’s a ‘dog whisperer,’ said she is happy she was in the right place at the right time to help the two ‘very good boys,” they added.

Thanks to the kindhearted lady, the two furry wanderers came back home and cheered up their loved ones, just before Christmas.

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