Burglars Break Into Flat, Stub A Dog And Steal Her Pups

Generally speaking, when thieves break into houses, they steal valuable belongings such as pieces of jewelry and money. But these offenders decided to steal something more valuable than any possession, puppies.

On last July, two armed burglars attacked a man after they followed him. They broke into his apartment with machetes trying to steal valuables. As they entered the house, they saw six puppies and decided to take them.

The crime scene:cHarpurhey, Manchester

The robbers started to put the helpless pups in bags as their mother Zena, fought to prevent them from taking her litter away. Zena couldn’t let go of her babies; she tried so hard to make the armed men leaving till they struck the machete on her face.


 As the offenders left, the police were alerted and started searching after the five-weeks-old scared pups. Like most beings, a newborn can’t survive without its mother. Therefore it was crucial to find them and reunite them with their mom as soon as possible. 

The Great Manchester Police asked members of the public to inform them if they had helpful information. Meanwhile, the mother Zena was heartbroken. She couldn’t contain the sadness she felt. Her motherly love was stronger than ever while her heart was completely broken. 

Happily, the police found the hapless pups in Moston, Manchester. They arrested a forty-year-old man and took the puppy bunch back to their heartbroken mother.

It is hard to describe how happy Zena was. Earlier, she was devastated to think that she would never see them again, and now they are back at safety.

While the investigation is still in progress, they call members of the public to contact them if they have new information. The police officers deal with this case professionally, and they are determined to bring the offenders to justice.

Zena and her six healthy pups are reunited, and now they can get the love and care they need from their mom. 

The Great Manchester Police calls people who have new information to call 0161 856 3985. Those who’d like to stay anonymous may call 0800 555 111.

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