Bunny Ditched In A Cardboard Box And Clings To His Favorite Teddy Bear

London RSPCA recently got a call from a concerned citizen, saying she had found a cardboard box with something moving inside it. To her surprise, when she opened the box she found inside it a terrified and shivering bunny who clings to his teddy bear.

Being a good citizen, the woman brought the bunny home with her. She was shocked to see how the bunny clings to his favorite teddy bear in spite of everything he’s been through. 

Lisa Miller who’s an animal collection officer for the RSPCA rushed to pick up the bunny from the good samaritan’s home as soon as she got the call. She knew that his life depended on her.

She prepared herself for the worst but the bunny actually appeared to be doing reasonably fine. In a press release, Miller stated: “He looked so sweet hopping around carrying his little teddy bear. He’s clearly quite attached to the bear, so he must have been living in a home before this.”

The bunny, who was later named Nigel, was rushed to a vet. A quick checkup was enough to determine that despite being left in the freezing cold overnight, Nigel was in surprisingly good health.

After making every volunteer at the RSPCA fall in love with his adorable personality and the way he carries his teddy bear around, Nigel was transferred to a boarding facility in Kent.

Nigel will get as much time as he needs to recover at the boarding facility. He’ll get much-needed support from his favorite teddy bear until they can both find a forever home.

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H/T – The Dodo

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