Bullmastiff Shares His Favorite Toy To Cheer His Crying Baby Brother

Finding a trustworthy babysitter for a newborn baby is no easy task. Luckily for Bonnie and her husband, that wasn’t the case for them. Their Bullmastiff Brutus was born for this job!

Brutus was adopted by Bonnie and her husband back in 2016, and they have always seen him as their first baby.Despite being a gentle, loving dog, Brutus tended to destroy every toy he came across. Every toy but his beloved sacred yellow fluffball.

Considering Brutus always had a good bond with kids, it came as no surprise when he was the first to notice that his owner, Bonnie was pregnant. On the nights Bonnie stayed home and her husband was out working, Brutus refused to sleep in his crate and wanted to protect his momma by sleeping next to her. At first Bonnie thought it was simply because he was uncomfortable in his own bed, but no matter what she did Brutus only agreed to sleep next to her.

After the couple found out they were expecting, they were naturally concerned about the reaction their beloved pup would have towards the new member of the family, after all – he was there first.

When the time to introduce Brutus to his new baby brother Kayden, all of their concerns vanished immediately.  Brutus ran straight to his brother and started kissing and snuggling him in excitement.

From that moment on the two became inseparable. Whenever baby Kayden cried Brutus was the first one to comfort him, and he had a special way of doing it…

Ever since Brutus was a young pup his go-to toy for comfort was his treasured yellow fluffball, so naturally, being the older brother, he shared his toy with his younger brother to console him.

Watch these adorable videos showing the special bond between Brutus and baby Kayden:

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