Broke Grad-Student Steals Pit Bull From An Abusive Owner

Maddy is an amazing woman with an incredible heart. Although she had to focus on studies, her mind always drifted to Rose and her awful situation.

Rose is a loving pit bull that used to belong to one of Maddy’s best friend’s roommates. Maddy was appalled by the way that roommate used to treat poor Rose: he used to lock her up in her crate for days  with no food and water.

The concerned grad-student couldn’t believe that this roommate had such a cruel heart, and didn’t take care of the canine at all. She talked to the roommate about the problem and asked him to either change his ways or find a better forever home for her. 

She hoped that he’d take what she said under consideration, because Rose was skin and bones and miserable. 

Unfortunately, the roommate didn’t listen to Maddy at all, and kept the neglectful routine.


At that point, Maddy just couldn’t take it anymore. One day she woke up and just decided to take Rose with her, by force if necessary. She couldn’t let that poor pooch suffer for one more day, so she called her friend and told her that she was on her way.

When Maddy arrived, her friend informed her that the roommate was out of town, and she didn’t know when he was coming back. Nevertheless, Rose was in her crate with no food or water.

Maddy rushed over to the crate and released sweet Rose. The thankful canine kissed and clung to her like she was clinging to dear life.


The caring grad-student didn’t know if she could keep Rose forever because she didn’t have any money, and Rose was really sick and malnourished. Consequently, Maddy chose to at least foster her for a short while until the pooch finds a better forever home.

With time, Rose had fallen in love with Maddy, so she wasn’t willing to let her go and Rose started to get attached to Maddy as well.

Eventually, Maddy decided to keep Rose forever. If the roommate were to come and try to claim Rose, Maddy is willing to fight him for her, because she knows that her warm house is where Rose genuinely belongs.

Once she’d decided to keep her, Maddy started to plan how to help Rose regain her health. After a while, Rose was getting better thanks to the love and care of Maddy and her family.

Ever since she’s been living with Maddy and her parents, Rose has become such a happy and playful dog. She loves to eat all day, and Maddy loves to see her enjoying herself and tasting new foods with glee. 

The grad-student knows that people think badly of pit bulls, and that many people would’ve never given the sweet canine a chance, only because of her breed. 

Maddy is a true hero; she saved Rose from her horrible life. The video Rosie’s journey is a must-watch!

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