Brilliant Initiative Calls You To Donate Your Old Chair

Upcycling is definitely the new thing. While people are starting to go green, others use upcycling to better homeless animals’ lives.

Have you ever looked at your old chair thinking that it was about time to get rid of it? Well, now you can clear some room for a new one and provide a homeless dog with a comfy bed altogether. 


Illinois animal shelter has called members of the public to reach out their old chair so shelter dogs’ will have a nice bed to sleep on. 

It all started when a little pup named Buster was returned to the shelter due to a divorce. He claimed the staff’s chair and loved taking a nap on it. The adorable pooch inspired the staff members to start the initiative because why shouldn’t all the dogs have a decent bed to rest on.


Unfortunately, since shelter dogs usually lie on a concrete floor, they get bruised and moreover, during wintertime lying on the floor can be extremely cold. The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg has come up with an incredible initiative which gives their shelter dogs a good night’s sleep. 

Unwanted furniture donation is the perfect and easiest way to benefit both people who want to get rid of their chairs and shelter dogs that would be happy to sleep on a comfy bed. The shelter calls the community to make a huge difference in the poor pups’ condition by giving away unwanted furniture. 

The video instantly went viral, and it even inspired other shelters to do the same.

If you have unwanted furniture, please contact your local shelter and ask whether it can help.

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