Breathtaking Pictures Of Deer Quietly Enjoying Japan’s Cherry Blossom

Japan’s Nara Park is a popular tourist destination, especially around this time of year, during the cherry blossom season. Recently, for the first time possibly ever, Nara park was left deserted of humans. This allowed other creatures to enjoy the park’s dreamy scenery on their own and allowed us to bring you these stunning pictures of deer enjoying Nara Park’s cherry blossom.

Nara Park, which is located near Japan’s third-largest city – Osaka, is usually overcrowded with tourists around this time. This year though, it seems that the luck is on the Sika Deer’s side. Now that it’s been closed to the public, these magical creatures had the whole park to themselves. We can only judge by the pictures, but it seems as if they’re enjoying every second of it.

According to the website Japan Guide, Nara Park is home to more than a thousand deer. The deer are regarded as official symbols of the city, and ‘messengers from the gods’. To please these so-called messengers, merchants usually sell deer biscuits all throughout the park. Over time, Nara Park’s Deer learned to bow before tourists, as a way of asking to be fed.

Thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor mention the park as a must-go destination to anyone visiting Osaka. The website even honored the park with its prestige certificate of excellence. While some reviewers on Tripadvisor were impressed by how well-mannered the deer are, others viewed them as simply being ‘greedy’. One reviewer wrote: “Make sure to bow at them, as they will bow back (usually if you have food for them). When we got the biscuits a lot of deer did run up to us, so just be aware of that. But they just want your biscuits!” 

Greedy or not, these magnificent creatures definitely deserve a few moments of blissful human-free peace.

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