Brazilian Man Builds Dog Restaurants To Feed Hungry Stay Dogs

As countless homeless dogs wander around the streets of Brazil, they find themselves entirely at the mercy of others and sadly, the situation doesn’t seem to get better anytime soon.

The streets of Brazil aren’t easy for stray dogs. Since there are plenty of them, they have to fight for food and a safe place to rest their heads. Each and every day is a battle for them. 

A big-hearted young man named João Araújo couldn’t watch the poor dogs suffering anymore, he wanted to help as many dogs as he could.

The next thing Araújo did was to come up with a brilliant idea; opening up a dog restaurant that would be open 24 hours a day. The creative man started to put everything together and eventually made it happen.

He built a small dog restaurant from recycled materials in which dogs are always welcome to come to eat or drink fresh water whenever they are in need.

Once Araújo realized his dog restaurant helps lots of dogs, he decided to open more branches around town.

Feeding countless stray dogs and maintaining the incredible project requires lots of expenses. Moreover, some people vandalized and even stole them. But despite the hardships, Araújo continues to focus on building more restaurants and making the stays’ lives better.  “If they steal on, I build two” said Araújo.

Araújo has been a great inspiration to other good-hearted Brazilians. More and more citizens are following in his footsteps and helping poor pooches as well.

What an inspiring man! Thank Araújo, for making the world a better place.

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