Brazilian Artist Makes Dog Beds Out of Tires

We’ve seen through the years people recycle and do some creative things. The growing trend of recycling is taking over the world; famous brands and businesses spread awareness and make the green revolution contagious.

The recycling storm hits everywhere, people manage to save money by recycling and make some cool home décor, but some people make a real impact out of it.

Amarildo Silva, a 23-year-old Brazilian artist, does something incredible. Putting aside the fact that he dedicates his life to recycle, he does that to help abandoned animals. Amarildo collects old car tires and makes something beautiful out of them. Repurposing the old tires provides thousands of stray animals a cozy bed to spend the cold night or the hot siesta on.


Animals having no owners is an ongoing issue in Silva’s hometown, Campina Grande. There are over five stray animals for each one person in Campina Grande. 

Helping animals wasn’t enough for him, Silva wanted to make the city nicer living in by making the tires stylish, colorful and pretty.

Silva’s story is inspiring, two years ago he was working at a supermarket store as other people do at his age. Silva always dreamed about having his own business without having people telling him what to do, and so it happened.

Silva wanted to make a real change in his city, he was frustrated by the stray animals’ situation so he tried to find a way to help them. Suddenly, he thought about the way stray dogs sleep at night, they curl up and fall asleep, and then the creative idea of using tires as beds popped into his head.

The dream of being self-employed is reachable only if he finds something that he is really passionate about and that he can do for the rest of his life. Helping homeless cats and dogs and upcycling waste were the perfect solution.

The young Brazilian collected lots of unwanted tires and started to work. He cuts them perfectly so they will fit the homeless animals and would make the best bed for them. But black tires aren’t so pretty. He decided to decorate and paint them so they will actually make the city more beautiful.


Silva makes it really personal by painting the names of the animals on some beds and even sews stylish printed fabric around them. 

He makes sure that the beds aren’t just beautiful but comfy as well, so he adds soft cushions to the beds


The fact that they are stray animals doesn’t stop the compassionate artist from making high-quality beds, we would all want to get these stylish-comfy beds for our own pets.

The young businessman started by selling a few cool tires at the store and once someone got a bed and placed it outside, lots of people wanted to have one too! The community fell in love with his work, he was invited to do his inspiring work in events and even at schools as well


Besides fulfilling his dreams of being a successful self-deployed, he spreads awareness around him, people are now more educated when it comes to stray dogs and recycling.


It is amazing that two years ago he worked at a supermarket store and now he has a full-time business that he called ‘Cãominhas Pets’. He even started to publish his work on social media so he could spread more awareness.

His creative mind never stops, Silva started to make containers from unwanted tires as well. He paints them beautifully and even adds the name of the major waste groups in a way that invites people to recycle.

Making garbage containers and bed for homeless animals wasn’t enough for him, he decided to start making furniture and people loved his idea.


According to Green Matters, Silvia says “Over the course of two years, I already removed 1,500 units of old tires from the environment making only the [pet beds]. This certainly makes a very big positive impact on nature.”

Besides removing 1,500 units of old tires, the total amount of tires Silvia has upcycled is over 6,000!

Silvia educates his community and the world about a higher cause than just recycling but to be compassionate to others.


Don’t miss Silvia’s work on the video down below!

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