Brave Mother Dog Carries 13 Pups To A Hiding Spot With A Broken Foot

There are plenty of examples that show how strong and natural maternal instincts are. Similarly to the mother kitten that saved her entire litter from a burning building, the mamma dog in our story is as equally brave and inspiring.

Volunteers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis recently found a beautiful female dog with a broken leg, limping out of densely grown bushes close to a highway. As soon as they’ve seen her, the volunteers instantly sprung into action and rushed to treat the poor doggo. Upon closer inspection, they’ve noticed that she had milk, which indicated to them that they had many more souls to save that day.

They carefully crawled between the dense vegetation and started looking for the puppies, gently pushing the tiny leaves and twigs of the forest’s underbrush.

After searching for ten long minutes, the volunteers finally stumbled upon a tiny den, that held as much as thirteen adorable puppies. The brave pooch must have dragged the entire litter, one by one, through the dense bushes to bring them into the tiny haven, hidden from predators and extreme weather.

The puppies were carefully placed in a box, and taken, along with their mother, back to the shelter. The brave mamma is expected to undergo surgery to treat her injured leg, while the litter will be spayed and put up for adoption as soon as they’re ready.

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis is looking for foster puppy parents for these pups and other rescues. This is an excellent opportunity to help the helpless, especially now, with all the pets that are being deserted. If you’re interested, feel free to fill out the short application form here.If you LOVE animals but never had the pleasure of owning one, then this is your chance – ‘Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ also offers free foster classes, Visit their website for more information.

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