Brave Homeless Pooch Was Found Keeping 5 Kittens Warm Using Her Body On A Snowy Ground

It was a frigid night when a driver noticed something unexpected on the side of the snowy road. The woman knew she had to stop to see what was going on.

The good Samaritan drove in an Ontario, Canada road when she came across a shivering dog curled up on the snowy ground, trying her best to stay warm. But apparently, she was wrapping something unlikely.

Instead of seeking shelter, the compassionate pooch decided to watch over someone who needed her desperately.

After approaching the stray dog, she was surprised to learn that the kind-hearted canine, wrapped herself around a litter of kittens. That was the moment the lady realized that she tried to keep the kittens warm, not herself. 
She cuddled them to make sure they would survive the cold night. When the passerby saw the dog saving the kittens’ lives on the snowy roadside, she couldn’t leave them there to fend for themselves. She decided to take them all to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter. The unlikely bunch had formed a close bond by that time.

That night was extremely cold, making it really hard to pass it safely outdoors. Based on the circumstances, it was clear for the rescue staffers that she had saved the baby cats’ lives.

Fortunately, the litter is now at safety, waiting for medical attention. But for now, the hero canine pays them visits, regularly, to spend some time with them and make sure they are OK.

Their background remains unknown. No one knows whether they had been sticking together for a while or met that night. The rescue is waiting for their owners to come forward; if it turns out no one is showing up, they will look for adoptive families.

The pooch’s selfless act of bravery saved the kittens from horrible ending, and now they are taken care of, waiting at safety to find forever homes.

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