Boy Scouts Built Portable Winter Shelters For Strays From Old Storage Totes

The world needs more people like the kids in the next story the most right now. Tyrell Cooper, together with his peers from boy scouts Troop 3310 built portable winter shelters to help strays survive the harsh Atlanta winter.

Life on the streets as a stray cat certainly takes a toll on these poor felines. While the average life expectancy of a house cat is usually 10-15 years, that of their stray counterparts is usually only between 2-5 years.

This is why the LifeLine Animal Project was more than happy to receive these “feline abodes,” as Tyrell calls them. In a thank-you post, LifeLine Animal Project revealed that they’ll use these shelters for the felines in their TNR program.

TNR stands for trapped, neutered, and released. The program is aimed at cats who are too feral to live in a home and helps control their population. You can tell that a stray cat is a TNR cat if he’s missing the tip of his ear.

The act of kindness earned Tyrell to reach an Eagle Scout level. The young entrepreneur said that he’s planning to study ecology when he goes to college and we definitely wish him all the best! We haven’t the slightest doubt that we’ll hear more about him in the future! And as for the rest of the boy scouts of Troop 3310, who built the winter shelters -Well done, and thank you guys!

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