10-Year-Old Boy Raised $315,000 To Provide Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs

Some people are just natural-born activists. They just can’t turn a blind eye to a problem once they see it. Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio, is definitely one of those people. The 10-year old boy already raised more than $315,000, that he used to provide bulletproof vests for Ohio police dogs.

The idea first came to the young boy’s mind while watching Live PD on TVThe observant boy noticed that while the handlers of police K9s are fully protected from head to toe, their dogs aren’t. This made absolutely no sense to young Brady, so he decided to do something about it. ‘We were watching the show together and I didn’t even notice that the dog wasn’t wearing a vest,’  Brady’s mom, Leah told CNN ‘I was quite surprised that a child at age eight could recognise that there was an issue there, and that he could find a solution to fix that problem. It made me very proud to see him doing this.’

Brady started a GoFundMe page and managed to raise enough money to get four bulletproof dog vests by February 2018. The boy donated the vests to the dogs of the Ohio state troopers, and seeing how much they were appreciated, he knew that he can’t stop there.

It wasn’t long before Brady stepped up his game and began meeting with congressmen, and giving speeches at community events. The boy established ‘Brady’s K9 Fund‘ and raised over $315,000, which he used to provide police K9s all over the country with 257 bulletproof vests. Brody’s proud mother told WKYC‘As his mum, I’m very proud of him for putting others first. He thinks they should be protected and he saw a need for that.’

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Brady says that he ‘want[s] to help out other people and keep people safe’ by joining the police force. But even now, years before he’s able to officially join the police, Brady already helped keep 257 police K9s safe. His motive? ‘I like seeing the smile on the handler’s face,’ he said.

If you support Brady’s cause, feel free to leave a donation on his  GoFundMe page.

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