Boy Leaves School Bus And Runs Towards His Burning House To Save His Trapped Dog

Meet Mike Assi, a 16-year-old hero from Phoenix, Arizona. It was just another regular school day when Mike became a hero. As he left his home and boarded the bus, he noticed smoke pouring from his house.

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Luckily his mother and sister were there but his beloved dog Zach was. 
Mike shouted on the top of his lungs to stop the bus and sprang towards the burning house although the bus driver’s yelled at him to stay.

The worried boy yelled for his dog’s name but he couldn’t come out of the front door since there was lots of smoke there, so Mike raced to the back door.
Instead of springing into the flames which could have risked both Mike and the dog, he called Zach from outside. Suddenly, his adorable canine companion appeared.

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Zach ran into Mike’s hands, scared and confused. As firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the fire, Mike picked his furry family member up and carried him away from the fire. Luckily, no one was hurt, but sadly, the house was significantly damaged.

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Everyone was impressed by Mike’s judgment, even Captain of the Phoenix Fire Department, Aaron Ernsberger. The Capt. said that Mike acted well and made the right call not entering the house. Breathing smoke can get people unconscious.

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But the brave schoolboy knew that he would have rescued his dog no matter what, he knew him since he could remember. Zach the pit bull shares a special bond with his family; he sleeps by their sides at nights and always there to cheer them up.

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