Surprised Boy Breaks Down And Cries When He Meets His New Dog

No matter how old you are, there’s one moment that you’d definitely never forget. The moment you met your dog for the first time. The video below shows the moment Xander Mellor, a six-year-old boy from Springfield, Illinois, meets his new dog for the very first time, can’t contain his own emotions, and breaks down and cries.

Young Xander saved all his spare change for more than 18 months to cover the costs of adopting and owning a dog. The day the boy has been longing for more than a year and a half finally arrived, and the 6-year old was over the moon. Xander was jumping around the house that whole morning and couldn’t contain his own excitement.

The video begins with the boy rushing outside and doing a silly crab walk. He jumps all over the place before his mother tells him to stand still with his hands steadily stretched forward and his eyes closed. The boy complies and stands with both arms stretched, ready to meet his new four-legged friend.

Natalie, Xander’s mother, places the pup in her son’s arms when he opens his eyes. His face says it all! The boy stands there, speechless for a good couple of seconds, holding his new dog close to his heart before he breaks down and cries.

Don’t miss the heartwarming moment in the video below:

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