Boy And Cow Lost A Cattle Judging Contest, But Won Over The Internet’s Heart

A 15-year-old boy named Mitchell Miner and his cow attended Iowa State Fair’s cattle judging contest. While they haven’t taken home the grand prize, they did win over a few hearts along the way.

After spending a long stressful day in the sun, the boy and his cow went to catch a snooze in the barn. The boy’s father walked in a few minutes later and captured a photo that sums their whole relationship. Mitchell and his beloved cow, Audry, formed a deep and close connection over the many months they practiced for the contest, and it shows.

When discussing the bonds between humans and animals we often think of canines and felines. This boy and his cow come as a reminder that every animal has a soul. Every animal deserves to be loved, regardless of its species.

Watch CBS’s coverage of the event in the video below:

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