Blind Golden Retriever And Guide Dog Become Best Friends

Bad times bring out good friends. A 2-year-old blind Golden Retriever named Jack is lucky enough to have a loyal friend who will stand by him no matter what. Addie, his Golden Retriever buddy dedicates her life to assist her friend who lost his vision.

Jack was depressed after he lost his dog sibling so they wanted to bring some light into his life by adding Addie to their family.

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Addie showed Jake how to get alone, she wore a bell on her collar so that Jack would be able to follow her.

Jack was born with healthy eyes but when he turned two his owners noticed that something was wrong, they were no longer producing tears. All the treatments they tried didn’t work till he eventually turned blind.

They had to make the most difficult decision. They had to choose between putting him to sleep or having his eyes removed.

But then blind dog owners contacted them and told them how it was to have a blind dog, mainly saying that dogs could still be happy even if they lost their sight. 

At last, they decided to have his eyes removed and show him that he would be good no matter what.

He went through the complex surgery and the vet said that after the surgery he was pretty happy. Now he won’t suffer anymore and although he has an adjustment period to go through, he was still optimistic.

Jake struggles but he is a fighter; He walk inside the house and outdoors like a king but he still sometimes bump into things.

Kim is happy they decided to keep him alive, and they are thankful for all the blind dog owners that had contacted them.

None of this would have happened without their brave decision. He’s personality is the best! He likes sleeping on his back and ask for cuddles.

Jake and Addie thrive together and share good adventures together. They like having breakfast and nap after that.

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