Blind Golden Gets An Adorable Guide Puppy That Helps Him Get Around

As it turns out, guide dogs don’t always necessarily help disabled people. Just take this next doggo for example. Tao the sweet Golden went blind after being diagnosed with glaucoma, but soon got a charming little guide puppy named Oko, who helps him navigate the world around him adorably.

Melanie Jackson, Tao’s mother, began to notice something wasn’t right with her 10-year-old pooch when he started to act oddly one morning. It was obvious to her that Tao was in pain and that his vision wasn’t right, but she thought nothing of it at first. By the evening, Tao was suffering from such intense pain, that he was whining loudly and constantly scratching his face.

A quick examination by the vet confirmed that the pooch is suffering from glaucoma. Glaucoma happens when fluids build up in the eye with nowhere to drain. Tao’s case was so severe that the doctor had no choice but to remove his eye. Sadly, 11 months after losing his first eye, Tao’s second one had to be removed for the same reason, leaving him completely blind.

It didn’t take Tao long to adapt to the new situation, and at least part of it should be credited to his sweet fellow guide pup, Oko. The adorable guide pup helps his older sibling get around and sometimes even takes hi on walks all on his own with a leash.

While the two adorable Goldens don’t know it, they have a fast-growing Instagram fan base of more than 18.5K people, who follow their adventures closely. Melanie uses the platform to raise awareness for canine glaucoma. She gave samples of Tao’s DNA to The Kennel Club. Scientists will use the DNA to diagnose other dogs with the condition much earlier and possibly save their eyesight. Melanie wants to emphasize that glaucoma doesn’t have to end in blindness. In fact, it can be easily preventable if diagnosed in an early enough stage.

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