Blind Dog Sees Her Owner For The First Time After Surgery

While it might not be their dominant sense, canines still rely greatly on sight to navigate the world. Olive, the Cocker Spaniel in this story, didn’t let the fact she was blind stop her from following her momma wherever she went. She adored her. The moment the once blind dog sees her owner for the first time was caught on camera, and it’s absolutely tear-jerking.

Olive lives with her parents, Holly and Bart Emmerson, in picturesque Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The two rescued her as a tiny, helpless blind pup, but always had the hope that they could someday restore her eyesight. Three years passed until their hopes turned into reality. The two finally found a vet on the island that was up for the task and was able to perform surgery on their little black pooch.

Gladly, little Olive passed the operation successfully. She was able to see for the first time, after 3 long years of living in the dark. The pooch was astonished by every little thing she saw, but there was one thing that, for a brief second, made her the happiest dog on the planet. Seeing her momma for the first time ever. Little Olive wagged her tail uncontrollably and gave her human a big kiss. It’s a moment that we’re sure neither of them will forget any time soon.

Watch the heartwarming moment the once blind dog sees her owner for the first time:

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  1. Zakia

    Happy for her
    My dog who is 8 years old became blind suddenly (2 weeks ago), due to very high pressure in the eyes
    I would like to know who is the veterinary who helped your dog to regain sight
    Thank you so much for your help and comprehension

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