Blind, deaf senior cat is reunited with owner after 3 months

During a trip across the country, Raymond McNamara has been separated from his senior cat Lily.
She wandered off and got lost. Since she is both blind and deaf, she couldn’t hear Raymond calling for her.

Worried for his cat, who is away from home, Raymond got the local police, animal control and a search party involved to help, but they were unable to locate her.

A notice was put on social media, looking for the senior cat.
Two months later, Lily was found hiding in a construction site near the area. She has survived all on her own for two months!
Dirty, sick and matted, she was taken to a shelter.

Local authorities knew it was her immediately and called Raymond.
Lily was treated for dehydration at the shelter and was taken care of until her owner arrived. 
The heartwarming reunion brought tears as the blind and deaf senior cat was finally at peace, and heading home with her human.

Watch the full video below!

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