Black Bear Takes A Moment To Gaze At The Sunset And Appreciate Life

Many agree that the sunrise is the best part of the day. It’s a quiet moment that reminds us of how fortunate we are to enjoy one more day on the planet. 

Before all the noise and stress begin, it gives us peace of mind, and for a few moments, it stops us from worrying about our problems and difficulties. The sunrise is time to cherish the basic things we have, which are usually the most important ones.

When Sam Geesaman, a staff member at the Omni Mount Washington Resort stepped outside to watch the sunrise, he didn’t expect to have company. As Geesaman spotted a black bear climbing on the porch to enjoy the sunrise, he knew he had to capture the beautiful moment.

Sam Geesaman/Omni Mount Washington Resort via AP

The sunrise of New Hampshire’s White Mountains is breathtaking. The grateful wildlife seemed very eased and relaxed; it had surely figured out what life was all about.

When the black bear came to the resort to look for some food in the trash cans, he couldn’t help but take a moment and gaze at the beautiful sunrise. 

The lucky employee told other staff members about the unlikely guest, and he would try to keep people away from the area so there wouldn’t be unwanted encounters.

Geesaman, wanted the bear to go back to his home, to the forest, so he clapped loudly to make him go away. And so after the bear enjoyed his ‘sunrise moment’ from the resort’s porch, he went back into the forest.

Sam Geesaman/Omni Mount Washington Resort via AP

The Omni Mount Washington Resort is aware of the fact that there are bears in the area. They make sure to notify the guests and ask them to stay away and never leave them food. 

Geesaman was surely lucky to witness such a unique moment, and we are grateful he shared it with the world.

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