Bird Outsmarts Humanity

The owners of a shopping mall in Australia were chagrined to discover that the famous “anti-bird” spikes did not work quite as well as advertised. A white cockatoo was annoyed at having its natural habitat disturbed by the unsightly intrusion, so it took matters into its own hands (wings? beak?)

A curious bystander filmed the entire event. The crafty bird methodically pulled at the spikes, loosening them section by section. It grasped one piece with its beak and foot, slowly sliding it along and off the edge, dramatically releasing it to a shattering fall on the sidewalk below.


In the end, the piece came crashing to the ground, leaving a beautiful gathering place on the ledge for the cockatoo and his very many friends.


In the video clip, the camera follows a long line of spike segments on the ground- very far away and very far down from where they were originally placed.


Needless to say, this attempt to rid the shopping mall of the pesky bird was not very successful. All of the work that went into installing these spikes proved to be a minor inconvenience, and the ledge is once again an excellent place from which this clever bird can mock humanity.

Anti-bird spikes might be a bit of a misnomer. Humanity being put to shame by a single Aussie bird doesn’t happen every day, though. This lone cockatoo’s feat has achieved over 2.6 million views and over 45 thousand shares.

A long list of people has responded praising the bird’s “kickass beak work”. As one local commented, “I feel inordinately proud of this bird’s attitude and hard work.”

The bird was also reportedly caught conning tourists.

Sean Doley, the editor of Australian  Birdlife magazine, explained that cockatoos seem to derive much enjoyment from dealing damage, both random vandalism and more strategic operations.

As he explains, “They do seem to take great delight in it. It’s pretty evident that cockatoos, in particular, are very intelligent birds and within their social structure have to us what looks like playing.”

In the end, it’s always fun to see a bird-brained creature outwitting the supposedly more intelligent human population.

The owners of the shopping center are probably not too pleased, but the cockatoo has earned its place in the hall of fame (or at the very least, a place on its home ledge.

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