Biker Gang Rescue Animals from Certain Death

You might have thought that this tattooed bunch was all about hitting the road, but there’s something more to it. The tough group of bikers is more than good people. They are heroes!

Besides riding day and night through whole America, they dedicate their free time-saving the lives of many. During their bike journey, they rescue animal wherever they can. After several rescues, the compassionate bikers decided to establish “Rescue Ink,” a nonprofit organization that aids to save animal lives.

Rescue Ink

The volunteers are all good-hearted man, among the biker, there are veterans, police officers, bodybuilder, and attorneys.

Not only that they rescue animals, but they are also determined to find the abusers and bring them to justice. After saving the hapless animals, they do whatever they can to find them proper homes.

While people call the biker team heroes, the humble bikers feel like they do what every animal lover should do. The committed group has been through a lot, and they overcome everything that comes in their way. Their main goal is saving as many of animal lives that they can.

They work hand-by-hand with multiple organizations, authorities, and shelter to help more and more animals. They call authorities to take responsibly of animal abuse and to start making a change.

Unfortunately, these days, police officers are limited when it comes to bringing people to justice. But when abusers see the brave biker team, they fear for what the animal protectors might do so they don’t think twice and go along with them.

Thank you bikers for making the world a better place for animals. Watch their heartwarming video down below. 

Rescue Ink

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