Big Mysterious Tattooed Guy Rescued Tiny Kitten at 3 AM (2 Years Later Pics)

Staff members of rescue group Kitten Inn, in Lower Hutt, New Zealand weren’t used to having guests at 3 AM. 

When a big guy showed up at the rescue with a tiny kitten, it seemed like a scene from a movie.

The man knocked on the door, and Susan McNair, the founder of kitten Inn, rushed to see what it was about.

When she opened the door, she didn’t expect to see a big bearded tattoo man simply asking for help. As he reached his hands into his jacket to show them a tiny kitten, her heart melted.

He said that he was at a party where a few young ladies handed around the little furball. It didn’t seem right in his eyes, so he wanted to do the right thing and take her.

The mysterious man explained that he hoped that they could take the homeless kitten in, and when they asked for his name, he refused to answer since he didn’t want his friends to know. He knew they wouldn’t understand his love for felines. 

As he gave McNair the adorable cat, he got teary eyes and wanted to donate $100 to help with the orphan’s care. The rescue group decided to name her Harley and the anonymous rescuer, Harley’s Angel.

Later, the staff members put Harley with a mother cat who had a litter.

While her siblings started to become bigger, for some reason, she didn’t. But while she didn’t grow much in size, she did grow in personality.

When we say that she didn’t grow in size we mean that she was smaller than a shoe though, she was an affectionate, friendly girl who couldn’t get enough cuddles.

When she was around ten weeks, she weighed only 320g.

Harley and her caretaker had been downright inseparable. Moreover, she became best friends with resident cats. A tuxedo cat named Twist filled in the job of being her protective sibling, so he always keeps a watchful eye on her.

She was undoubtedly a star; everyone loved her and enjoyed her company. When she became six months old, she was smaller than a nine-week-old kitten. The staff members were a bit worried about her slow-growth.

Two years after her rescue, she’s still a tiny sweet cat who is big as a 12-week old kitten and weighs in at 1.3 kg.

For more information about Harley and the rescue, stop by their Facebook page.

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