Big Guy Falls In Love And Rescues Chihuahuas

Bobby Humphreys was the type of guy who only owned big dogs. He never imagined that he would be the proud owner of a tiny dog-like Chihuahua, let alone several of them. 

When his marriage of 17 years ended, he couldn’t cope with the new saddening reality. Humphreys sank into a deep depression and even considered ending his life. Luckily, his friend Connie was there for him to cheer him up. Although Humphreys refused to get help, Connie didn’t give up on him.

At times, he even told her to go away, but she wouldn’t listen to him. Her dedication inspired him, and now he feels like he owes his life to her. 

It all started when Connie asked Humphreys for a favor; she needed him to watch over her adorable Chihuahua named Lady. He wasn’t sure about taking her in, but after Connie’s previous help, he knew he couldn’t say no. 

One day, Humphreys came back from work to a tiny surprise. It turned out that Connie had dropped Lady off while he was at work. As he approached the loving Chihuahua, she jumped into his lap. Thus began their love story.

Connie missed Lady, so she went to Humphreys’ place to check up on them.  She was surprised to see how close they had become. She was shocked because usually, Lady is unfriendly, but she now shares a special bond with Humphreys as well. 

That was the moment when Humphreys fell in love with small dogs. When Connie took her beloved pooch back, he felt like something was missing, and so he decided to adopt his own Chihuahua, Kira. 

The hapless dog had had a miserable life, living in a neglected house and not interacting with people. Humphreys took it as a mission to gain her trust and show her that people can be good.

But he didn’t stop there. Kira increased his great love for Chihuahuas, and so he adopted another one from puppyhood. When he found an adorable Chihuahua pup named Harley on Petfinder, the Chihuahua lover was horrified by the condition he was kept in, so he decided to rescue his sister as well.

He couldn’t get enough. When he saw unfortunate Chihuahuas, he had to save them by taking them home. His Chihuahua pack expanded so much that he decided to start a new animal rescue group named Big Guy, Little World Sanctuary.

Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary

Humphries has rescued over 30 Chihuahuas, and he takes his new job seriously. When potential adopters contact him, he vets them to make sure they can match the dog’s needs and love it unconditionally.

Among Humphreys’s rescue dogs, there are disables and abused Chihuahuas. The rescue assures that those hapless creatures will have a loving home that will never leave them.

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