Beekeeper Turns Bear Trespassers Into Honey Tasters

Poo, the bear is back in town, big time! We all know that one of Poo’s favorite meals is honey and boy, these bears looove honey. It’s a story about a bear family that would break the law and raid beehives just to get some tasty honey. 

It is common among bee farms to have such impolite guests, but this farm owner took the whole situation to his advantage and made them professional honey tasters. 

The damages the unwelcomed trespassers caused were tremendous yet Ibrahim Sedef from Trabzon, Turkey, didn’t give up.

Keeping such an intelligent animal away from such tasty honey isn’t an easy task. Sedef has been working to prevent bears from destroying hives which are very precious to beekeepers. But he had to take some measures in order to stop the ongoing issue. 

The beekeeper started by securing the hives with metal cages then tried to trick them into eating fruits, bread, and honey that he placed away from the hives, but there must be something with stealing fresh honey from the hives that they just couldn’t give up on that.

Sedef was determined to find a creative solution, and so he installed cameras to capture the sneaky trespassers and learn from their behavior. Then a great idea popped up in his mind; making the bears honey tasters for it’s clear that they are professionals.

The dedicated man placed a special table with four kinds of honey and waited for them to come at night to taste the precious honey. 

It turned out that the trespassers went straight to the most expensive honey over and over again.  Sedef sells 2 pounds of Anzer honey for over $300! Some of them didn’t even want to try the rest, well, we don’t blame them.

We hope that Sedef learned from the footages he now has and we’re happy for the bears that they enjoy the whole situation.

Watch the must-see video of the bears scarfing down the Anzer honey :

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