Bear Joins Family Picnic For A Few Selfies And Peanut Butter Sandwiches

There’s nothing like taking some time out away from all the mundane daily problems and have some quality time in the great outdoors. This is exactly what this family was trying to do before an uninvited visitor decided to join. A video showing how a bear joins their family picnic had since gone viral and really got the internet divided over it.

29-year-old Kaitlyn Nesbit was enjoying a nice and relaxed picnic with her family when a wild black bear crashed it. It wasn’t just their company that the bear was after. It was probably the smell of their peanut butter sandwiches that drew him there in the first place.

The video clearly shows how one of the men holds a sandwich in front of the bear before he takes it out of his hands and eats it while another man is already working on making another one. Spectators are heard expressing their shock in the background with one of them saying: “This is a f***ing joke, right?” In an interview with The Sun following her viral video Nesbit explained: “This was a friend’s cabin and they said that the bear is always around and never really bothers them. Some of our group are used to being out in the wild so we were all told to not make sudden movements and stay where we were. Most of us were scared to death and filmed from the deck but the brave tested their luck.”

Many people who saw the video criticized the group for feeding the bear and for a very good reason. Feeding wild animals can lead them to associate people with food and become aggressive towards those who don’t feed them. Some states including Maryland, where this video was taken, made it illegal to feed bears.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources advises people who find themselves in a similar situation to scare the bears away. Their website reads: “DON’T FEED IT! Scare it away. Make loud noises, bang pans, or yell. Seeing bears can be very enjoyable. However, having a bear in camp can lead to problems that will persist long after you have gone home. If a problem becomes serious, your safety and the bear’s safety may become jeopardized.”

We’re glad that despite doing all the wrong things, everyone got out of this incident safe and sound.

Watch the moment the bear joins the family picnic here:

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