Bear Cub Gets In Trouble For Peeking Into People’s Homes

Most of us would be very upset if anything was to wake us up at 4:00 o’clock in the morning. But most of us aren’t Sumer Walser Williams and her husband. The two were awakened to the sight of an adorable bear cub peeking into their and their neighbor’s homes. Luckily for us, they also managed to capture the delightful moment.

It all started when Sumer heard peculiar clanging noises coming from outside her bedroom window, which faces her front porch. Fearing that it might be a burglar, the woman woke up her husband, and the two quietly snuck to turn the porch light on, hoping to scare whoever is out there away. They certainly weren’t expecting to find what they saw next.

Much to the couple’s surprise, they were met by an adorable black bear cub. The precious little cub was standing upright on his rear feet and peeking into the two’s home. It seemed that the baby bear was just as excited to see them as they were to see him. But not everybody shared the same level of enthusiasm about their encounter.

A few seconds after the two turned on the lights, the cub’s momma appeared on their porch. She seemed crossed with her mischievous son, something that Sumer could easily relate to. This just goes to show how similar parenting is across vastly different species.

After letting her son know that “she’s not mad, she’s just disappointed that he bothered those humans,” the mother and her son disappeared back into the darkness of night, thus ending to the rare encounter.

Don’t miss the video showing how the adorable little bear cub is peeking into people’s homes:

Share this adorable video with your friends and family members to remind them that we’re just as much guests in the wild animal’s homes as they are to ours.

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