Barking News: Michael D Higgins’ Dog Interrupts A Presidential Press Conference

Barry Malone

Ireland’s president, Michael D Higgins, is often viewed as one who has a sweet and likable personality. If you needed any proof that he’s not just putting on a show, watch the following video.

The video, which went viral soon after it was shared on Barry Malone’s Twitter account, shows the president’s massive Bernese mountain dog barging into an official press conference.

The adorable pooch didn’t mind all the “important” people attending the event, and vigorously scanned the scene for his beloved owner, president Michal D. As soon as he spotted him sitting in his presidential chair, the doggo rushed towards him, pushing aside anyone who dared to stand in his way. Before security could even reach the pooch, he was already flipped on his back, awaiting the much-expected belly rubs.

Let’s enjoy this adorable moment from another angle:

The clip even got the attention of the Star Wars actor Mark Hamil, who shared the video and wrote: “I like a president who understands the need for belly rubs. I adore Micheal D. Higgins!”

Michael D Higgins brightened our day, we hope it did the same to yours!

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