Baby Koala Mistaking A Dog For Its Mom And Clings Onto It In The Adelaide Hills

All newborns need the body warmth of their mother to feel secure; it’s an essential part of their developing process. 

When a confused koala in Adelaide Hills lost its mother, it wandered around trying to find her, but it found something else that was interesting and furry like its mom.


The koala arrived at a backyard, and luckily it was a property of an animal lover and a friendly dog.

One morning, property owner from Adelaide Hills, Henry woke up and let his beloved dog, Tony, out. When the canine sniffed around the backyard, he came across furry wildlife that happened to be a baby koala, and that was the moment the newborn found a temporary motherly replacement.

The koala refuses to get off!

Watch the adorable moment here:

When Tony’s dad walked out into his backyard, he was shocked to see a tiny koala finding a warm spot on his dog’s body. The baby wildlife clung on his new furry friend, Tony, and refused to get off him.

Tony was a bit hesitant about the baby passenger and kept a watchful eye but didn’t harm him. He walked around with the koala on him for a while till he had enough and decided to get the uninvited passenger to the ground.

Although koala sightings are common around the area, Henry had never come across anything like that before.

After Tony put the baby koala back to the ground, it climbed up into the trees, seemingly, looking for its mother.

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