Baby Hamster Breaks His Tiny Arm And The Internet Community’s Heart Goes Out To It

The cutie patootie broke his small arm, and you just can’t get enough of how cute he is. Netizens can’t stop looking at the little creature, hoping he’ll get better soon! 

This heart-melting picture makes us wonder why did the tiny hamster break his leg. What happened to the poor little guy?

He is in good hands!

Veterinary Center | Petrozavodsk

When our pets suffer from an injury, we usually rush them to the vet, willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel better. 

But what about an animal we aren’t familiar with? We’d like to believe that most people won’t overlook a little hamster in need. 

They said that the hamster was limping because he had a small fragment stuck to its hand.

The adorable photo became viral overnight. It was initially posted by a veterinary clinic in petrozavodsk, Russia.

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