Sleepless Baby Falls Asleep Instantly When He Hears His Dog Snoring

Just when we thought we knew all the reasons why it’s good to raise a child around a dog, the video of these two came along. The sleepless baby in this video falls asleep instantly upon hearing his beloved guardian dog snoring next to him, and yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds.

The mother of the baby never knew that her doggo held the secret to her baby’s peaceful sleep. The baby often woke up and moved in his sleep when the dog wasn’t around, but she never connected the dots.

The adorable video below shows how the sleepless baby falls asleep instantly when he hears his doggo’s soothing snores. The precious pooch cuddles the little baby and gives him a true sense of protection. Be sure to turn the volume up when watching this heart-melting moment:

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